Top 3 Oldest Casinos Around the World

Playing in an online casino has become the most normal thing in the world for many players. It is currently the norm among gamblers. Real “flesh and blood” casinos do not only exist in Las Vegas and James Bond films. They still exist, the traditional casinos that exude the charm of bygone days and still offer a special experience at the gaming tables. We have listed the 5 oldest casinos in the world that you should visit at least once in your life and introduce you to the houses.

  1. Casino di Venezia, Italy
    The oldest still active casino in the world is the Casino di Venezia in Italy. The almost 400-year-old Renaissance building is located on the Grand Canal of the lagoon city. The easiest way to get to the Casino di Venezia when visiting this special venue is with a typical Venetian gondola or water taxi.
  2. Casino de Spa, Belgium
    Although Belgium doesn’t immediately think of luxury casinos and gambling, the second oldest still active casino is in the Belgian city of Spa. The Casino de Spa was founded in 1763. The castle-like building in which the casino is still housed has a turbulent history and has been completely renovated several times. As a result, in addition to numerous table games, it now has a large machine room.
  3. Casino in the Kurhaus Baden-Baden, Germany
    The oldest casino in Germany is the third oldest still active casino in the world. The representative spa house of Baden-Baden, in which the casino is housed, has numerous other amenities that make the visit a luxurious and particularly pleasant experience to this day. Since 1834, not only has fun been offered here in an exclusive atmosphere, but the casino in the Kurhaus Baden-Baden has also made a name for itself as a conference venue for important international events.

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